Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finding Inspiration

If you look around inspiration can be found in some unlikely places. A playground may inspire you to do some pull ups on the monkey bars or step-ups on a picnic table. Someone running by you on the street may inspire you to go for a jog. Just hearing about someone's workout, race, ski trip, etc. can be inspirational.

I found some inspiration on my refrigerator. Strange place, right? Let me show you:

I was stepping out in to the garage to do some laundry the other day and glanced at my word magnets. Magnets I never look at and forget are there half the time. I noticed the words success, greatness, momentum, live, love, etc. After hunting through my words I pulled the most relevant ones and moved them, along with the words "I can", "I will be", "I am", "I want", and "I have", to the front of my fridge.

Inspiration. Right there in front of my face. I'm on the hunt for more.

It doesn't just have to be inspiration to workout. I'm looking for inspiration to change. Something to inspire me to make a choice. What do I want from this life? Was the path I was taking really the path for me? Is it time for something new? Is it time for a change?

This layoff has kind put me in a forced position of change. Who knows, without this I may have just gone along with what I thought my life plan was. Now though, now I've got a new chance and opportunity to see what else might lay in store for me.

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